LIFE: Art Basel 2013 – Hanging With Revolt TV & Party At The Frank 151/Pigalle/Stussy Mansion (12.6/12.7)

About a month or so ago I got a phone call…and not an ordinary phone call – it was a phone call from  Sean Combs aka “Puff” aka “Diddy” aka “You Pick Up The Damn Phone When This Man Calls”. I’ve known him for a few years now…you know work related and what not. Some of you may remember that I reached out to him about interviewing him for Supreme Magazine in 2009 – which he was 100% down for (and this was pre-explosion of the brand to the masses). He just always knows what’s up. Seriously, he is “the man”.



Puff, Vashtie, Terry Richardson 2009

So, he called and informed of his new network REVOLT TV – and said that I needed to be apart of it. I was open, although I’m not much of an on-air personality. Yes, I can do it from time to time, but on-air personalities are masters in their craft. I explained that I was open and voiced my concerns and he reassured me that me being me was what people want to see. So, I took a meeting with the network in LA (when I was there for my Chloe trip) and was blown away by an entire company of folks making cool things for the channel. I’m a recovering Time Warner victim who now has Fios (I thank the tech gods for this everyday), so I haven’t seen the channel…yet. Needless to say, I was blown away and excited about the possibilities. They were open to my ideas…

Art Basel was on the plate and they asked me to attend. I landed on Friday and stayed until Sunday. I got to meet the team and host, Hannah Rad, who is 100% the raddest. Rahman Dukes, the man in charge, made sure I was comfortable and prepared. I felt out of my element until I decided that I wanted to interview my friends at the Frank 151/Pigalle/Stussy Mansion. The Revolt Team was into what I was into, making me feel at ease…here’s how it went!



A 6am flight might as well be a damn 2am flight. You get no sleep the night before and head to the airport at 4am. Eek.

I still get stoked for this!vashtie_artbasel_201303


Fueled up with my favorite…a hearty salad!vashtie_artbasel_201305

At the Miami Convention Center with the Revolt Team…

Dana, Hannah Rad, Mike & Jorge.

Look at this idiot on the right.


Hannah and I toasted to me being the latest addition to the Revolt Team. Thanks for the champy!vashtie_artbasel_201311

We stopped by the Perrier x Faile Arcade which was lots of fun! I am also obsessed with Perrier!vashtie_artbasel_201307 vashtie_artbasel_201308 vashtie_artbasel_201309 vashtie_artbasel_201310vashtie_artbasel_201312 vashtie_artbasel_201313

I met up with my friend Julian Consuegra of Stray Rats. Here he is with his homie Edgar Rojas at SweetWater.


tumblr_mxg34jJ8eT1qahewbo1_500 vashtie_artbasel_201315

We got some Mediterranean Food at Sultan. I was so hungry! Sidenote: Mediterranean Food is a Vegan Paradise.vashtie_artbasel_201316

Afterwards, we went to the Basel Paradise Party headed by my friends Dan Solomito and Nomie. Unfortunately a terrible fight broke out, which ended the party and ruined my good vibes for the entire night. A drunk and crazed local fought my New York friends and everyone just watched…for like a good 4 minutes. No one stopped it and everyone watched like it was an entertaining reality show. It was morbid and I’m still feeling weird about it.


SATURDAY 12.7vashtie_artbasel_201317

Brad Clark & Miranda Maxwell (DJ Mirandom)

These two had to unfortunately fight this crazed lunatic the night before. 


I stopped by the DKNY gifting suite to see my friend Soyoung Park. I forgot to snap a picture of her, but I got her incredible Murakami Nails! Check it out vashtie_artbasel_201319 vashtie_artbasel_201320

The view from the Mondrian. Friends With You did the pool toys and art.vashtie_artbasel_201321

We met up with Susan Morgan from Epiphany and headed to the Colette Alchemist Drive Thru.vashtie_artbasel_201322 vashtie_artbasel_201323

I ran into my other friends, Liz Olko (Obesity & Speed) and Carlos.

We decided to head to the Frank 151/Pigalle/Stussy Mansion together.vashtie_artbasel_201324

My friend Alice from Colette gave me a cute goodie bag!


After spending forever to find a cab, we headed out to a recluse location for the party. vashtie_artbasel_201325

Me, Ericka Malbon and Tabatha McGurr

The Pool!vashtie_artbasel_201327

Shayne (Hood By Air) and Zac (V Files)vashtie_artbasel_201328

Ericka, Hannah, Chelsea and Me.vashtie_artbasel_201329 vashtie_artbasel_201330

Shayne feeling the music. It was like a reunion…so many great friends at an amazing house party!vashtie_artbasel_201331

Theophilus, Alex Sossah and Vashtievashtie_artbasel_201332 vashtie_artbasel_201333

Telfar Clemons (Telfar), Vashtie and Ian Bradleyvashtie_artbasel_201334

Lucas Walters, Ben Detrick, Felipe Delerme and Guest.vashtie_artbasel_201335 vashtie_artbasel_201336

Me and Shayne Oliver, perched.vashtie_artbasel_201337

Mykki Blanco and Shayne getting into throwback Lil’ Kimvashtie_artbasel_201338

Raekwon & Hannah Rad

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 4.20.09 PM

Raekwon & Vashtie via my Instagramvashtie_artbasel_201339

Jasmine Solano and Vashtievashtie_artbasel_201340 vashtie_artbasel_201341

The great Kevin Lyons. I was stoked to meet this incredible artist. He gave me a SLICK RICK ruler and I lost it. I am so bummed.vashtie_artbasel_201342

Hami Delimi and Vashtie.

I have not seen Hami since 2007, when Oscar and I went to Paris after he and his Pain O’Chokolat crew flew us out to party in 1992 style. 5 years later, I finally get to see him in Miami. It’s been TOO long my friend.


Hami Delimi and Me with Oscar and Paris crew in 2007

vashtie_artbasel_201343 vashtie_artbasel_201344

Alice (Colette), Vashtie and Alex Sossahvashtie_artbasel_201345Charaf Tajer (Le Pom Pon) and Vashtie



Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 4.22.22 PM

Available for sale at STARYRATS.COM (via Tumblr)

Miami it was fun, despite the fact that Art Basel makes it a crazy place. Special thanks to everyone for everything. Somehow I am very excited to be back home in New York in the cold grossness that is an east coast winter wonderland. What can I say, New York – I love you, you dirtbag!

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