LIFE: Behind The Scenes – Shooting with Garance Doré & Whistles UK (5.5.14)


After a long weekend of traveling and DJ’ing in Vancouver and Los Angeles, it was an early Monday shoot with fashion phenom Garance Doré and Whistles UK. I was featured among a handful of incredible other women…

Yasmin Sewell, a London-based fashion consultant, Elle Strauss, the Fashion Director of Shopbop and Brit living in New York, Vashtie Kola, an American artist and DJ, Jeanann Williams, an American stylist, French actress Rebecca Dayan, and French DJ and creative consultant Cecile Togni

It was a fun and easy shoot. All I had to do was whistle, dance and jump around on camera…you know, all the things this camera shy and introvert loves to do. Regardless, I did my best…I may be introverted, but I hate nothing more than to waste other peoples time and playing shy would have ultimately wasted my time too. So, I did what I had to to and enjoyed it in the end!vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201401 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201402 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201403 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201404Garance teaching me a thing or two…

vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201407 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201408I totally sweat my natural deodorant out, it was so not cute.

vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201410 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201411 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201412 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201413 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201414 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201415 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201416 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201417 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201420 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201421 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201422 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201423 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201424 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201425 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201426 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201427 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201428The #bellesandwhistles / Whistles x Garance Doré Video

debuted today on STYLE.COM

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