LIFE: Day 3 – LFW14 – “12 Years A Slave” BAFTA Afterparty at Edition Hotel London (2.16.14)


This was my 3rd time in London and I really started to like London. My first time there years ago was a bit of a let down…ONLY because growing up in the States, you think Europe is so foreign and different. When I got to London, I was unimpressed only because it felt like New York…which is why I like it now. In general, I’ve come to appreciate it for the rad city that it is. Oi.LFW 2014My sweet room at the Ace Hotel. It felt like a cozy camp. 

DSC02039The artwork scared me though…

DSC02041Hahaha, this scene was so ridiculous.

DSC02042Tea at the Ace Hotel. Delicious.

DSC02043The “12 Years A Slave” Party was much more than I anticipated. Grace and I were urged by our friend Irene that it was a dressy affair and made sure that we got the picture and that we didn’t arrive dressed as homeless tomboys. Well, we got the picture and we came correct. We got there early and took one lap around the party…only to realize halfway around that we walked past Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, chatting with their table mates.


DSC02046Dressed up.

DSC02056Grey Goose Cocktails.

DSC02058Vegan Option.

DSC02059Grace LaDoja & Tinie Tempah

DSC02063Irene and Grace


DSC02085Ben Pundole & Vashtie

DSC02086The End! BUT – check my Instagram for my Naomi Campbell story. It’s EPIC!

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