LIFE: My Designer Haul with Louis Vuitton, Chanel & Prada in Paris


There is one part of me that knows that “designer” anything doesn’t really enrich or fulfill the soul. I know that I am whole without a single addition to my natural self. But…then there is the poor kid in me that has a hunger for well made and beautiful things. Having endured a youth denied of anything name brand or cool, including Nike sneakers…forced to wear 10 year old hand-me-downs… I am now making up for lost time, apparently.

Here’s what I bought on my most recent Paris trip…


So, now that I work successfully for myself and I get to travel to Europe, where European things are hundreds of dollars cheaper than in America (probably because it’s made in Europe and there are no real export fees or taxes) – your girl likes to take advantage. Also worth noting, that when you shop as a visitor in Europe you get 12% back on top of your already cheaper rates via the VAT TAX. Just shop with your passport and allocate enough time at the airport before departure to visit the VAT TAX Kiosk for your refund. Bong!


This time around, it was sale season…so everything was even cheaper than expected. For those of you who asked me what I bought via Snapchat or Twitter, here goes. Here’s what I copped at Chanel, just some beauty accessories…FullSizeRender-2


Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition – Nourishing Lip Care (in the jar)

I don’t think they sell the jar version in the US, but only the stick version.



This little jar is so cute and chic.


Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush



Chanel Double Mirror Duo




Next up, Prada. They never have proper names for their items, so I don’t have it below…






Louis Vuitton. It should be noted that they famously NEVER go on sale. Guess they don’t have to. That’s cool. Below I’ve listed the USA prices, compared to the European Prices added with the VAT TAX money you get back from being a traveler.


Louis Vuitton Leopard Bandeau

USA  Price – $165

France Price (€ 115.00) – $113.00

TOTAL: Minus the 12% Vat Tax – $99

Savings: $66


Louis Vuitton Dessert Laureate Boots

USA  Price – $1210

France Price (€ 890.00) – $988.00

TOTAL: Minus the 12% Vat Tax – $873

Savings: $337

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.46.26 AM


Also worth mentioning, I was taken into the VIP shopping suite of Louis Vuitton on Champs Élysées. It was superb…filled with macaroons and sparkling water. I could have had champagne if I wasn’t still doing #SoberSummerSixteen. Did you guys do it with me too? I’m going until the end of the month!


In case you were wondering, I also got the Louis Vuitton El Dorado Desert Boot that I’m pictured wearing above. When I shop, I think about longevity. I am not a TREND investment shopper – Maybe for more affordable pieces, but when it comes to pricey items, I like to get classics. You know, things that I can hand down to my future daughter or gay son.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.46.53 AM

Louis Vuitton Dessert Laureate Boots

USA  Price – $970

France Price (€ 680.00) – $765.00

TOTAL: Minus the 12% Vat Tax – $674

Savings: $296


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