LIFE: DJ’ing for Patta & Stussy x Gilded Lily NYC x Angelo Baque, Neal Santos, Patta SoundSystem

photoLast night, it was a classic “Boys Night Out”, which basically means me and Elle having a lovely dinner, talking about emotions and then heading out to a party…only to leave after about an hour. #Lames. This time around, things were no different – we had a great dinner and then headed out to The Gilded Lily on East 15th Street so that I could DJ alongside Neal Santos & Angelo Baque. The party was in celebration of our Amsterdam homies, Patta, who have a sick collaboration with Stussy! It was nice to kick it with Gee and the boys.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241401 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241402Dweebettes.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241403Hot Toddy’s. Yes Please!

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241404These soft peppermints were the bomb. Thank you Uber!

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241405Front Door cray at Gilded Lily.


Mee and Geevashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241407

Fancy Pants Chandeliervashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241408

Downtown Crew.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241409 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241410

Spinning some Mobb Deepvashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241411

Kunle Martins aka KK came by and licked my hair, apparently.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241413 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241414

Ya’ll Nasty.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241415

Angelo Baque and Vashtie Kola.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241416

Elle Clay, Vashtie & Nianga (Illuminati AMS)vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241417Me and Hollywood Holt.


The End.

I can’t sleep.

My jetlag has me losing my mind. 

Boo hoo. 


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