LIFE: DJ’ing at La Gruta Cave, Teotihuacan – 24 Hours in Mexico City (6.27.14)

vashtie_mexcity_6271409Diego Oseguera and Vashtie. La Gruta, June 2014

Special thanks to Erika Mercado of Mex In The City and Diego Oseguera of  Diageo for booking me in their hometown of Mexico City! Can I just tell you, I DJ’ed in a legit cave (La Gruta) an hour outside of Mexico City. It was insane and super cool. Like, out of a movie. Not bad for my first time in Mexico and Mexico City. But, I need to go back. I didn’t have time to see the ruins, pyramids or even Frida Kahlo’s house!

vashtie_mexcity_6271401There’s something like 30 million people here. The city is massive!

vashtie_mexcity_6271402Cozy Boys. Stephen aka Huggy Bear came with me. I’m always afraid to travel alone, but Angelo told me the Mexicans would want nothing from a Negra like me. Hahahahaha.

vashtie_mexcity_6271403Our amazing guide, Helen, too us for a quick bite. We had no time to do much else…

vashtie_mexcity_6271404I’m always excited to see sauces and as soon as we sat down, our table was blessed with this array! I was sold.

vashtie_mexcity_6271405Grilled Cactus. This looks weird and not appetizing, but it totally was. You all know I’m a vegan/raw/sometimes fish eater, so I opted for a vegan meal this time, sans the tortilla (gluten). I know, no fun…but it was still delicious. Cactus is the bomb!

vashtie_mexcity_6271406On the way to the venue! The dress code was tribal chic…I tried to make what I had work.

vashtie_mexcity_6271407My braided do. I wanted to do something more Frida, but didn’t have the time or the skills.

vashtie_mexcity_6271408I almost screamed out loud when I saw the cave, but I had to be professional so I kept it inside.




vashtie_mexcity_6271412The night was a success!!! I had an amazing time with mi Mexican gente! They were sweet, loving, vivacious and accommodating. I can’t wait to go back.

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