LIFE: Elle’s Last Vegan Hurrah at Pure Food And Wine (8.2013)



This past Summer, Elle decided to do a “Vegan Summer”. To celebrate not only an amazing food choice, but a healthy experimentation in diet – I took her to PURE FOOD AND WINE for her last Vegan Hurrah. If you don’t know, PURE FOOD AND WINE is the mecca of RAW FOOD (organic, uncooked plant-based foods)…the Don Dada, if you will. I once took Young Scoozle there and didn’t tell him it was all RAW. After we got our Ice Cream Sundaes, I told him and he didn’t believe me. We debated for a bit until I had to call a waiter over and the waiter explained that it was, in fact, all raw! This place is just AMAZING.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH2


Organic Wines by the glass. They also serve cocktails made with freshly pressed juices. vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH3

I got the Lasagna.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH4

She got the Tamales.lastveganhurrah1


Brownie and Ice Cream! Yum.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH7

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