LIFE: Lamping At Beauty & Essex x Jonny Shipes, Elle Clay & Brock

When my manager Jonny Shipes asked if Elle and I wanted to have dinner on a lazy Sunday night, we were more than ready. After-all, “Boardwalk Empire” isn’t back on and what else do you do on a late Sunday night but clip your nails and wait until the last minutes of your weekend slip from your clutches and back into a manic Monday.

I’m a little feisty. Oh and no my pants are not leather, they are a coated denim. I got them for free and since my other clothes don’t fit because I lost so much weight, I wear these all the time. My friends laugh at me and call me Kanye.

Check out Jonny and I trying to take a picture, which was impossible…

This one was okay, but Elle said let’s take another.

Then Jonny wouldn’t stop talking mid picture and Elle had to yell at him and retake it a few times. Right before this one, she said “You look like a white Santa who doesn’t want to take a picture with a little black kid on your lap”. Hence me laughing…

Then we took this one and Elle yelled at Jonny because his eyes were closed but he retorted that his eyes are always closed! We settled on this even though she also said he looked like “A snowman holding a black twig”. Oh my friends and their love for me.

Pop A Wheelie. Some amped up Kuwaiti Guy (we know he was Kuwaiti because he told Elle) would not stop talk her ear off and he read her hat and said something along the lines of having a handlebar mustache and continued to tell her to ride his mustache. Yikes.


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