LIFE: My Dumb Late Birthday Party x Joey Bada$$, Theophilus London, Q-Tip, Eli Reed, Kilo Kish, Kitty Cash, Illuminati AMS, DJ Brenmar, DJ Huggy Bear, DJ Wonder, Peter Rosenberg & More!

Yes, my “Dumb Late Birthday Party” finally happened last night. It came more than a month after my actual birthday (of April 23rd), but it still felt right. Why was it  a month late, you might ask? Well, I’ve been a busy bee and literally hadn’t as much as a birthday toast with friends until last night. I spent my actual birthday on my computer, working dilligently and eating takeout…which ended up being my life routine for the past month. Look – I’m not complaining and I feel as though all the work coming my way has been a birthday blessing in no disguise (work is great!).

I just want to say “thank you” to everyone who came out and supported and another “thank you” to those who couldn’t come out and still support me in life and or in spirit. Your kindness and positivity does not go unnoticed.

Photo by David X Prutting for BFA.COM (I love all my BFA birthday photos, like for rills)


Special Thanks To:
BlackBerry: BlackBerry Z10
Moet USA: Keith Howard & Jen Yu
David Burke (Cheesecake Lollipops)
Sigmund’s (Pretzels)
Santos Party House
Joey Badass & Pro Era
Complex Magazine: Noah Callahan-Bever
BFA.Com & David X Prutting
Makeup: Tai Lotson
Sydney Reising & Sydney Reising Creative: Brittney Escovedo & Stephanie Gotch

Nianga , Eli Reed & Naleye Junior

Kilo Kish & Kitty Cash

Jassine & Rafael Rios

Janjay Sherman, Blake Scotland, Shyvonne

Young Scoozle, Shiest Bubz & Ashley

Josh Madden came in a Giants jersey! That’s why he rules!

John Paul Belle, Billy Dodson III & Adrian

Nianga, Me, Kitty Cash & Kilo Kish

Me and Jane Kim, she’s a sweetheart!

It wouldn’t be a party without my little brothers Dee & Ricky!

DJ Huggy Bear killed his set and then continued on safari.

Samn! Me and Cedric Haughton!

Me & A-Trak

Peep my big bottle! Special thanks to Jen Yu and Keith Howard for hooking me up lovely with Moet Rose Nectar. The champagne was literally flowing. I’m surprised I didn’t get lost on a wave!

Joey Bada$$ on stage performing…

Elle Clay & Vashius Klay

My friend Rob Heselden gave me a MOZ shirt! Say what?!

My Dutch Connect – Nianga and Naleye Junior

A kiss from a rose; Brandee Brown.

Theophilus London, my Trini Fam.

Oscar 1992, Me, Sabel Boo (with the fire ponytail) and Amaris Modesto

Blake, Anthony Hendrickson & Rio Uribe

Rio Uribe, Aviva Klein (Happy Birthday Babe) & Oscar Sanchez

Me & Brittney Escovedo (Sydney Reising Creative)

Rio Uribe and Me

My friends in the background are hilarious. Sabel Boo and Billy on the left and Mel D. Cole on the right. Classic.

Ricky, Dee, Me and Kilo Kish

I met some lovely French friends!

Theophilus & His Babe Squad: Ashley and Emily


At the end of the evening, a few of us went to experience our nightly tradition (post club) of “Breakfast Club”. The restaurant got wind of my “Birthday Party” and brought me this to help me celebrate. Just what I needed…some pancake.

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