LIFE: Mykki Blanco Performance at Mercury Lounge NYC (1.16.13)

Not that long ago – My artist friend Mikey (Michael Quattlebaum Jr.) transitioned into music as rapping drag queen “MYKKI BLANCO”. Shortly thereafter, he became a raging overnight success. Some may not understand what it is, but to me it’s a perfect bridge between music and performance art. Isn’t that what music is today anyways? People who make music and put on an act? Some of the greats are excellent performance artists…Lady Gaga, Rick Ross, Drake, the list goes on. For others who may need a reference for clarification, think of him as an Avant-Garde & Hood RuPaul. His performances and videos always show a mix of him dressed as himself (Mikey) and in drag as Mykki, which is somehow brilliant!

Anyways. I am very happy for Mikey…eh em, Mykki. He has come a long way and is really making positive strides in art, performance art, hip hop and also the LGBT community. From write-ups in Spin, Interview, Vogue Italia and more – Mykki Blanco’s takeover is happening one fabulous editorial at a time!



A few hours before his show, I decided to get some food dolo before meeting up with ELLE CLAY. Who do I run into, but Miss MYKKI BLANCO! After a full day of photo shoots and recordings, he is still in full face and hair. I was very excited to catch some one on one time as he filled me in on all that he’s been up to. He even mentioned his parents and how supportive they are of his art, which made me melt. Parents don’t always have to understand what it is that we do, but it’s really a blessing to have their unconditional love and support.

Later at the show…


ELLE CLAY, REBA MASSEY & SABEL BOO (for my reader or readers that love Miss Sabel)

VIVIAN & ELLE CLAY wearing shirts to celebrate two incredible birthday girls…

AALIYAH & SADE! Are the both Capricorns?! I love me some Capricorns (and Virgos!)

I then used the bathroom and wanted to share that with all of you.

Red Wine and Whiskey.

SABEL BOO getting cozy in her cute socks and Jordan 3’s! Hey yo!

MYKKI on stage…



As we were all discussing aging, I complimented VIVIAN on her skin and said “Girl, you know Asian skin don’t age”. She replied “Asian don’t raisin”.  Me and ELLE busted out laughing, because it was so spot on and funny. Then ELLE chimed in, “And black don’t crack”. Then the high fives commenced. The end!

Damn – we are some fine ass dudes!


Check MYKKI BLANCO out if you have the chance. You don’t have to like his music, but I ask that you be open.

Also, please be kind in the comment section. Like our Mom’s always told us…if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all!

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