LIFE: Surprise Birthday Celebration For Steve Nash + Studio Museum In Harlem Gala + I Met Chuck Close!!! (2.4.13)

I got invited to my first gala ever. Do you say it like “GAY-LUH” or “GAH-LUH” or “GAY-LAY?” Hahaha just kidding on the third variation.

Anyways, Elle Clay was my date and we dressed to our personal 9’s. I say “our personal 9’s” because wearing anything other than boots, jeans and chapstick is our personal best. We arrived to find that we were severely underdressed, as the other ladies came in cocktail dresses and formal gowns. Oh well, we were comfortable and that’s all that mattered.

AND…I met Chuck Close!!! The Chuck Close…photographer and painter!!! I got so stoked that I started to get super nervous. Elle looked at me so crazy. I looked like a bird at All-Star Weekend. We went over and I apologized for the disturbance, but let him know I was a fan and that as an artist myself – he inspired me! He was very kind and allowed me to take a photo. YES!!! Here’s just a little something-something of his work.

Drinks and hor d’oeuvres were flowing. I was still fasting then, so I had myself some fun seltzer (*emphasis on the fun…NOT).


Did I mention I was dressed like a toddler? Oh no? Check me out! I’m wearing Pull-Ups underneath.

Marcie Cleary, Yahonnes Cleary & Lisa E. Davis

Marcie was a doll of a Southern Belle, who made her way over to let me know she read my blog.

She introduced herself and was a pleasant encounter. I like meeting nice people!

There was a dinner at Cipriani after the drinks, but Elle and I had to meet Young Scoozle so we could attend the surprise birthday celebration for our friend Steve Nash. We hustled in the freezing cold to hang with our bud, who is the NICEST…seriously one of the most genuinely nice people you could ever meet.

Steve Nash and Me.

Steve Nash, Elle Clay and Young Scoozle aka Scott Williams


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