LIFE: The New Radicalisms x A Solo Show By Brock Fetch x Jasmine Solano, Roofeeo & More! (2.9.13)

Mister Brock Fetch is the man. I was first introduced to this guy by my friend Josh Madden. We had a super rad vegan dinner and chatted about all things that we face as artists today. I respect this guy and his work incredibly so that I made my way through the Blizzard of Nemo to support!

Read this clip from his 5 Questions Interview by Nylon Guys Magazine:

In the digital era, Brock Fetch’s film photographs are a rarity. The Seattle native lives a good half hour from his closest internet connection, which makes his weekly blog updates that much more cherished to his loyal and growing fan base. Within minutes of meeting Brock it’s pretty obvious that his camera is less of a tool and more of an extension of his right arm. Fetch is known for the array of subjects and candid photos he achieves, but his simple secret is that photography isn’t his career but more of a lifestyle. A strong family devotion carries over into his work as the photos he captures are more moments than pictures. The adventures, cast, and characters of Brock’s world can be seen HERE.

Sally Vitello and Me!

Me and Jasmine Solano

Her photo was my favorite!



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