LIFE: Vashtie Gets Ready by Photographer Greg Noire (Black & White)

unspecified-12 From time to time, budding artists reach out to either collaborate with or to shoot me. It’s sort of cool because I’ve been able to meet some incredible talents that I’m able to make cool things with. Like – Houston based Photographer, Greg Noire, who had reached out to shoot me a while ago during a recent NYC trip he was taking but – our schedules never coordinated. So, as I recently landed in Houston for my Hpnotiq Tour Date, Greg reached out to shoot. I fought through the worst jetlag and exhaustion to snap some photos and Greg murdered it! From time to time, I get annoyed with the internet – but its moments like this that I am stoked on it for connecting artists like us that would probably otherwise never meet based on geography. Check out the little magic we made of me getting ready and at my DJ set.

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