LIFE: Working in Los Angeles – Lunch With Sarah, Supreme Store Visit, Dinner with Scott Vener and Belated Birthday Food with Drea (Day 2/3 of 5)

So, I took an oath thanks to ELLE CLAY – that I would not be a hermit in LA and that I would venture out to see and be seen. That translated to me as “hang out with friends and eat good”…and that is what I did.

My friend SARAH CEGLARSKI (or “Mama” as she is affectionately referred to due to her endearing motherly qualities) had recently relocated to LA so I had to hang with her. She told me she would take me to CAFE GRATITUDE, having no idea that I was already happily obsessed with the place. It was nice to catch up with her and hear about her new job! CONGRATS SARAH!

SARAH CEGLARSKI – Los Angeles, 2012


We later ventured off to visit the SUPREME shop and caught up with LUCAS & JAVIER.

I bought some tees and they hooked me up with a few extra goodies!

Thanks Dudes!!!

NECKFACE in the bathroom!

Ran into TIM BARBER on the strip…

This is the only boy who can make me smile with teeth! I mean, just look at Baby Hunter!


The next day I had an early day on set, but managed to take a nap and then meet some friends for food and go to a book launch for CHERYL DUNN…

Chowed down with my buddy SCOTT VENER, where my other friend DREA met us. As DREA and I shared our non-driver blues for a city like LA where you can’t walk anywhere, he put us on to a MISSING PERSONS song – “WALKING IN LA” (which talks about how nobody walks in LA). Then – he dropped us off like tweens at the book signing. Thanks SCOTT!



CHERYL DUNN – Family Books, Los Angeles 2012

I bought the book and asked her to personalize mine. We had a good brief chat…it was really nice. Our conversation was cut short because DREA (and I) wanted to go and try my new favorite spot (and now hers) CAFE GRATITUDE before it closed for the night. Our cab came very early so we hopped in and flew for some raw goodies!


Our cab was cool…

YAY! Happy Belated Birthday to DREA! Follow her because she’s the best and I LOVE her music

@THATONEGIRLDREA on Twitter and Instagram

and on Tumblr!


Later on we got semi-harassed by 3 men in suits who were heading to the terrible club in my hotel. One made a comment about my footwear, which was cool. So then I asked them if they were just getting out of work.


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