Lil Peep, The Emo Trap Star


To be fair, the rising star doesn’t like to be referred to as emo, nor is he familiar with an actual trap.

Think, alternative rock on lean.

However, like a vast majority of our generation, he’s been heavily influenced by the glories of hip hop – trap specifically. His love of classic rock is also present in his unique punk twang.

Chanel for her spongebob for me

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A man of many lands, Lil Peep‘s feelings of detachment and youthful angst are made all the more intriguing as he couples his rock n’ roll-esque singing with unapologetically trap beats. In truth, Lil Peep is a multi-hyphenate, Pennsylvania born, Long Island raised, LA living young bull that isn’t afraid to express his mental turmoil and emotional vulnerability. It’s dark and sometimes twisted, but you can’t help but bob your head to his music because it has something different, something that can’t be forgotten.

At only 20, Lil Peep has successfully released 3 solid mixtapes and developed an extensive following, now, we’re all watching. As humans, we have a natural inclination to enjoy watching things that disturb us – I think Lil Peep takes his audience to his own place of discomfort, making it almost impossible to ignore the potential of his presence in the industry.

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