Lil Uzi Vert’s “Eternal Atake” Provides The Official Soundtrack to Rage, Cry, and Twerk To

I’ll be honest with you: I had no plans on listening to Lil Uzi Vert’s new album “Eternal Atake.” Vashtie did a poll on Instagram regarding the release with a 93% “should listen” rate after I shamelessly pressed the opposite, only to realize I played myself. I’ve seen the Philly-born rapper in concert and festivals several times and, of course, twerk when a few of his staples play in the club, but was I really going to listen to a full album?

The fans begged for this album. Uzi is known to release music when he feels like it, like a true artist, and teased his fanbase for the past few years in regards to new music. But finally, they got it after the legal drama was cleared up.  His 2017 project “Luv Is Rage 2”  gave fans a reason to rage with his coveted heavy basslines and features with The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams. “Eternal Atake” turns it up a notch showing versatility between rage Uzi, emo Uzi, “I said what I said” Uzi, and “that boy spittin'” Uzi.

Eternal Atake sits at 18 tracks, which kicks off with a welcome on “Baby Pluto.” The instrumental showcases a beautiful piano-based beat and Uzi following an AABB rhyming pattern. The beat finally drops 1:05 in, allowing me to stop holding my breath as Uzi continued to lay it all out in the track.

I personally love a reason to twerk and by “Silly Watch,” I was throwing it in a circle. There’s just something about 808s and lines about FashionNova that make the girls want to dance, but within the album, Uzi as more to offer. In “I’m Sorry,” we explore an emotional size of Uzi with a trap-ballad. He goes into detail about a relationship he had with a fan that didn’t end up in a happy ending.

He raps:

And I’m sorry for everything I ever said, yeah
I’m sorry if you were mislead, yeah
And I’m sorry if my words messed with your head, yeah
You think that you’re better off dead, yeah (Woah)

The project then takes a turn to more uptempo celebratory music with “Celebration Station.” He raps about how his focus is on his money and craft and never being broke again. While most of us strive to relate, this song does serve as a bit of a motivational piece.

Features on “Eternal Atake” include Syd, from The Internet, which provides a slower take on the rager’s album. “Urgency” starts on a high note (literally) while reflecting on Uzi’s need and want for love. Syd adds a beautiful neo-soul touch to the track, prompting Uzi to take a softer approach. What really caught my ear on Uzi’s latest was his tribute to the Backstreet boys with “That Way.” He taps into his inner boyband to continue his plan of diversity throughout the project.

After using the album to as motivation to give my apartment a Sunday cleaning, I can openly say I was pleasantly surprised to see the growth in Uzi’s music along with the range he holds in his lyrics. As someone who doesn’t rage often, Uzi provides beyond a good time. He covers all emotions in his latest release “Eternal Atake,” and if you weren’t a Lil Uzi Vert fan before listening, welcome to the club.

Stand out tracks:

Baby Pluto

Silly Watch


I’m Sorry


Secure The Bag


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