LISTEN: Father – “Who’s Gonna Get F***** First?”


I’ve been working out my Daddy Issues, listening to Father on repeat.

My newest and latest obsession is Atlanta Based and Mississippi Born, Father. You may know him from his hit “Wrist” which features ILoveMakonnen and Key! It’s a simple head bumping, easy sing-a-long track that has had me mesmerized since I first heard it a few months back.

It’s something about how loose and easy it feels, like friends in a studio having fun and making random music – which, somehow comes together in ultimate greatness. The lyrics are humorous, yet real and intelligent. I can only listen to mainstream rappers talk about their wealth and their hustle for so long, but here comes Father and crew talking about sex, sexually liberated women, dark imagery (like “Suicide Party” or “Everybody In The Club Getting Shot”). Just his name alone is perfect! It’s even shortened from a greater name “Father’s Liquor Cabinet”. Bravo!

It’s all exciting and fresh. If you haven’t heard his latest “”Who’s Gonna Get F***** First?” or “Young Hot Ebony”, please take a listen. I tried playing “Wrist” last week at my Thursday weekly Webster Hall party and no one knew it…I weeped for the youth then got back to playing jams.

Read more about Father via Complex.Com

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