LISTEN: Yasiin Bey – “Dec 99th – Local Time”


This past December, hip-hop legend, political activist and actor Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def ) left a PSA on Kanye West’s voicemail after being detained in South Africa for allegedly violating immigration laws. The Grammy-nominated artist announced that soon he will be officially retiring from the music industry and that his final album will be dropping later this year.

Currently out on bail and still living in Cape Town until his next court hearing, Bey took some time to step into DPlanet studios to minister to the minds once again with his latest offering “Dec 99th – Local Time”.  Yasiin draws inspiration from Jamaican singer-songwriter Beenie Man’s hit single “Romie” to reminds us to live in the moment .” The local time is now, whoever you are no matter no how,the moon and the waves, the breeze and the clouds, wherever you are the local time is.. uh na na uh na na na na,” Bey chants over Chicago producer-meets-journalist Ferrari Sheppard ’s infectious instrumental.

Take a listen below:

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