Living Single is in the works, clap clap Bravo

Queen Latifah or founder of Flavor Unit Entertainment never really stops working. A couple months ago, it was announced that she executive producing the third season of Scream, the TV series . and then we saw her in our favorite summer movie Girls trip, and now she’s back with more news. Just two days ago, Twitter was graced with the infectious news that Living Single was in the works of being rebooted. Queen made the statement back on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and even said that she was working on bringing the old cast back to revive the nostalgia for the sake of the die-hards (which is everyone). In a time where shows like Insecure exists, this is a time to embrace girl power and the magic that we can create. If you’re like me and was once raised on gems like A Different World, Living Single and Girlfriends, get excited. Queen hasn’t announced if the show will take the Netflix route or amongst another program, but either way issa celebration, clap clap Bravo.



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