Lupe Fiasco Is Sick With The Sword

Lupe Fiasco takes martial arts very seriously. Not only has he shared his affinity in various interviews, he even named one of his former companies Righteous Kung-Fu, a line that does fashion design, sneakers, toys, video games, comic books and more. Recently, the Chicago rapper uploaded a video of him demonstrating his expertise with the sword.

The first in a series titled “Samurai Sunday,” the one-minute clip finds Lupe donning a traditional Japanese keikogi and showing off his laido skills — a Japanese martial art that puts emphasis on being able to quickly draw the sword and respond to sudden attacks.

In a 2008 interview with methodshop, Fiasco reveals that he has “a black belt in karate, two black belts in the styles of samurai sword, kendo and aido” as well as “the equivalent of a black belt in Chinese wushu.” Look out for more “Samurai Sundays” posts and watch the recent clip above.

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