Lykke Li’s pop/electronic sound is a breath of fresh air

I hate when I feel as if I’ve been living under a rock in when it comes to music. And that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling about Lykke Li’s new music. I have been listening to Lykke Li’s music since my sophomore year of high school. Her music has been there for me during my awkward years. I used to play her music so much that I had converted my mother into a fan as well. There is something about Lykke Li’s music that bring comfort and relatabilty especially when it comes to infatuation, unrequited love, failed relationships, depression and sadness. A few days ago in the deep depths of YouTube while listening to new music somehow I saw a new Lykke Li video in the corner. It didn’t take long for me to watch “hard rain”. The video to “hard rain” is directed by Anton Tammi and creative directed by Lykke Li herself. The song focuses on a relationship in the midst of failing but Lykke Li is willing to do whatever to save the relationship.

After the first couple of listens I fell in love with “hard rain”, not only is the subject matter right up Lykke Li’s alley but also there is a slow build up to a hypnotizing beat. As usual one video leads to you another especially on Youtube. Next there was “deep end” which follows Lykke Li and her same love interest from “hard rain”. The video is shot as if it was shot by Lykke Li herself on an iPhone with prominent shades of blues and pinks. “deep end” sounds a bit more melodic than “hard rain”. Once again as she laments about needing reciprocation in a relationship, she admits to knowing about her lover’s flaws and falling deeper. Off to the right side of my screen was another new Lykke Li video waiting for me, “utopia” which was directed by Clara Cullen. “utopia” gives us a glimpse into Lykke Li’s childhood as well as the childhood of her son Dion. In the show more section of the video it is “utopia” is MOTHER TO MOTHER TO MOTHER and utopia is all my mother ever wanted for me and all I ever want for him. “utopia” sounds tranquil but offers a full circle moment from a child to now mother.

It seemed as if I could not get enough of Lykke Li because I began than searching for a new album. There is a new album titled “so sad so sexy” and is slated for a June 8th release. Although, the entire album is not available yet, there are a few songs ready for listening. Aside from “hard rain,” “deep end,” and “utopia” there is “two nights” featuring Amine and “sex money feelings die.” “two nights” questions where her lover has been two nights in a row and she questions if he’s been out cheating on her. Amine offers a witty feature on how paranoia can kill a relationship. “sex money feelings die” details the vices one uses to get through a break up. So far “so sad so sexy” sounds very experimental in terms of production and the way Lykke Li’s voice is layered on these songs. The beats have a very dub step, trap like sound and Lykke Li’s way of singing about heartbreak makes a perfect song. As June 8th slowly approaches I am eagerly looking forward to listen to the entire album. What’s your favorite Lykke Li song? How do you feel about so sad so sexy so far?