Majid Jordan Talks Complexity of Love in Sophomore Album The Space Between

The long awaited release of Majid Jordan’s The Space Between filled all the check boxes you expected. Did Majid provide soft cooing lullabies? Yes. Did Jordan mix 90s synth and groove R&B bumps into their own authentic style of new R&B that has differentiated them from others coming up? Yes. So what exactly makes this album special? Majid Jordan aren’t singing about heartbreak or love alone – it’s about so much more.

The Space Between is a 13-song continuous ballad about the dynamics of choice and the feelings of void, apprehension, and longing that you feel when you aren’t quite sure where your choices will take you or if you made the right ones. It’s an album about the journey and showing that maybe the destination isn’t as nearly as important as the actual journey. We are first introduced to the “Intro” where you’re invited to take the journey with the R&B duo who show growth and consistency on this new project.

“Gave Your Love Away,” “OG Heartthrob,” and “Not Ashamed” are classic Majid Jordan – reputation of the most important idea in the song – admitting wrongs and showing vulnerability. Who wants to remember the times they messed up in a relationship or was heartbroken while simultaneously not able to get it out of their mind?

Continuing on the journey, we hear songs like “Body Talk”,”One I Want”, “You”, and “What You Do to Me” where we are induced with the feeling of longing, of missing someone. “Phases” and “Asleep” speak on missing something. All dealing with choice – how did I or we get here and what are we (am I) going to do next? 

Majid Jordan have shown change and growth in The Space Between and that is evident in the discussion of change and growth through the choices that are made through the trails and errors of their journey. And instead of being ashamed of their choices and decisions, we are left with “The Space Between” as the final song where we realize that it’s okay. Maybe the void, the uncertainty of choice and of love is what we are suppose to go through. Because in the end, we’ll make it out anyhow.

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