Maluca Mala Lives and Breathes NYC In Her Latest Single “NYC Baby”

As a musician in New York, it’s safe to say standing out is the key to success. No, we don’t mean you have to dye your hair and spend your life savings on the latest sneaker drop, but being uniquely you is what allows you to be heard. When it comes to New York-based artist Maluca, being herself comes naturally. Her sweet baby face, big brown eyes and half-smile tell the story of New York City. And this is a story she reiterates in her music.

Malcua’s music oozes through your speakers as an uncomparable pulse. It’s ghetto. It’s hip. It’s house. It’s tropical. It makes you feel good. It gives an overview of her style while mixing her native roots of New York. “I moved around a lot, but mostly grew up in the East Village,” she says. “Born in the Bronx, spent time in Washington Heights, Upper West, Roosevelt Island, and the East Village. Growing up in NYC so much art, culture, music, etc is available. Best city in the world!”

With all that culture around her, it’s hard not to get inspired. “The club scene in NYC most def raised and shaped who I am as an artist,” says Maluca. “Being exposed to everything from Dominican house parties and raves in Washington Heights, to Electro Clash, Hip Hop and Reggae, live Bachata has colored the lens in which I make music and express myself as MALUCA.”

Her 2009 single El Tigeraso made an impact. When Myspace was apparent and underground music reigned supremme, Maluca shot her shot into music and captured an audience. “I remember it debuted on Myspace and it went viral. ESG and Las Chicas del Can really inspired El Tigeraos sound and visuals,” she says. There was nothing like it which made it pop, but it’s easy to get distracted in the world of mainstream music. Mainstream music is often run by white faces, making representation in music difficult for people of color who aren’t strictly making hip hop. “The narrative and scoop of world music in mainstream needs to be more accurate and inclusive,” she says.

Seeking collaboration, she began to work closely with Swedish songwriter, producer, and singer Robyn. Her experience brought perspective into her own music and created an importance of friendship in music. “She’s a massive pop star yet very grounded and kind. We really cultivated and nurtured our friendship before embarking on making music together. She’s such a PRO. And I’ve learned so much from her on how to navigate the music industry without being an asshole and how to really be leader.”

In 2019, we await Maluca’s project. “I can be pretty shy at times but this new album and upcoming projects are super personal and vulnerable. It’s the story of my life,” she says. She released her latest single, “NYC Baby” that shows how the city raised her. The three-minute bop reflects summers in NYC and can easily get you on the dance floor. She attributes her clear creative vision to her sobriety. “I’m clear now that I’m sober. And as a result, my creative vision is clearer than ever. I’m also feeling all range of emotions no longer numbing them with drugs and alcohol so my music spans all range of emotions as well. I used to think I needed alcohol or weed to work in the studio now I do a little kundalini yoga and floating! [I] most definitely make better music now that I’m sober,” says Maluca.

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