The Melting Earth: Climate Change

Remember when it snowed in the winter? Yea, me too but it looks like that’ll be another thing we share in the history books, if we make it that far. It’s pretty chilling to know Global Warming is considered a hoax to way more people than you’d think. We let a presidential candidate, Al Gore slip from our hands when we could’ve slowed down the boiling process; but instead, let in a guy that allowed Katrina to drown the nations dream of seeing a better tomorrow.

What is really going on with the Earth’s climate? Why were wombmen dressed in shorts and guys with tees canvasing the streets of the city last week like we were in the dead of spring – summer? The problem and solution is us, the human race. We’re leaving behind way more than just footprints. Our obsession with material objects is destroying the O-Zone. The cars, the clothing, gadgets, phone manufacturers, the smoking, meat factories, its goes on and on. We’re destroying our home and some honestly just don’t care enough to make a change.

Imagine if we elected Al Gore or if we all became conscious of the foods we consumed rather than look at vegans and vegetarians as snooty people. Can we impact our Earth enough for it to be suitable for life for years to come? One person alone can’t change the world but once we are accountable for our actions, we can make great strides. The Earth is breathing, be aware of what you’re feeding her before she gives up on us all.

If you haven’t yet, please please please! take a look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Nate Geo’s documentary, ‘Before the Flood’ and see how you can play your part.

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