Memorable Moves That Solidified Aaliyah’s Legacy

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In loving remembrance, we celebrate the trend-setting angel, Aaliyah‘s 38th birthday. Its been about 15 years since her passing and we still cherish the legacy she has left behind. Her taste-making sense of style and numerous hits weren’t the only thing that left a great mark on this earth, but also her flaming choreography to accompany them. With the timelessness of her music videos, we are able to capture the majestic body rolls and effortless techniques as inspiration even today.

Below are a few of her greatest dance moments:

“Hot Like Fire” 1996

We all seem to instantly be placed in a steamy situation watching this video as Aaliyah warns us that what we’ve gotten into is going to be ‘hot like fire’ under her control.

“Are You That Somebody” 1998

We all witness Aaliyah pivot from baggy pants and green eyelids to a tango outbreak in a sleek black skirt… effortlessly.

“Try Again” 2001

Not only did Aaliyah give us life with her dangerous smokey eye, but she gave us hope and motivation by encouraging us to dust ourselves off and try again.

“More Than A Woman” 2001

In her white bodysuit, she offers her lover a vow to be more than just a woman and lover but to be by his side.

“We Need A Resolution”2001

After catching a bad vibe, we see Aaliyah darken with her maintained cool as she dances with a python.

“Rock The Boat” 2001

Before setting forth into her eternal realm, Aaliyah graces us with her last dance.  


Rest In Peace Aaliyah <3

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