Model Jasmine Sanders Talks Social Media And Fame As Golden Barbie In Glamour Magazine’s February 2017 Issue


Jasmine Sanders a.k.a. Golden Barbie–the handle of Instagram account–has taken the world of modeling by the horns. You can find her in a number of fashion campaigns with Ralph Lauren, Nike, Miu Miu and most recently, Glamour Magazine‘s February issue.

Sanders’ rise to fame has been a long ride. She’s modeled and worked since the age of thirteen, but it was her platform on social media–and a moniker fused from two childhood nicknames–that boosted her to the peak of her dreams. In a March 2016 interview with Vogue, Sanders said,

“I honestly started using Instagram for their filters. I would upload just to steal the filter and later delete, until I noticed that people actually started liking my posts and my style. I’ve always had a feeling that social media would be a great outlet to share my genuine thoughts and feelings, but I never expected my following to be like this.” She went on to say, “Social media allows us to show everyone that there’s more beyond the supposed glitz and glam of the industry. We have the power to share what we truly love and what makes us happy.”

Check out her Glamour Magazine spread shot by Shanita Sims below.



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