#MondayMotivation: Digital Detoxing for Mind and Body Balance


The words “Digital Detox” may evoke negative feelings or emotions, but we promise exactly the opposite after a digital cleanse. The way the world works these days being digitally plugged in is more a need than a want. With many jobs requiring hours of computer use, constant email connectivity and social media use. That along with leisure TV/movie watching and social media scrolling, it is hard to think of what a night, day or dare we say week would look like without phones, laptops, and Instagram. Just a little bit ago apple introduced the screen time feature that gives some insight to phone daily phone usage, and while the hours noted may seem incredibly high, we tend to pass it off as normalcy. That is exactly why a digital detox every now and then is so important.

Giving up your devices, blogs, and social media sites sounds a bit stressful i.e major FOMO but hear us out. Taking a designated break from all thing’s tech can calm stress levels and help reset mind and body to clearer levels. Over the years there has been a lot of research proving that the use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops at night can disrupt sleep patterns and even decrease the quality to rest you get. Taking it one step further, excessive use of social media apps while in bed can negatively affect your mood while you’re sleeping. It sounds easy: no phone, no iPad, no computer, no TV.  Now you’re thinking “ok….what will I do then?” Well there are a lot of things you can do during your digital cleanse.

Create a No Tech Zone

To ease into your digital cleanse try making your bedroom a “no-tech-zone” a couple of nights during the week. Instead of bringing your phone into bed try curling up with a good book or magazine. You could also try writing. Journaling at night is a great way to clear your mind from the events of the day. Spend some time recounting your activities of the day or writing out your goals and dreams. Writing can be meditative and removing yourself from the distractions of devices creates a positive space for you to get your thoughts out on paper.

Limit your screen time to working hours

Relaxing with a movie or your favorite show after work is always a great kickback, but it can rack up the screen usage. It’s easy to get distracted during commercials and next thing you know your scrolling through Instagram and Twitter while watching tv. All that screen time can take a toll on your eyes and body causing problems like blurred vision and headaches. Give your eyes a break from the blue lights and your body some rest by resigning to stay offline after your working hours. Instead of scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, make plans with friends to catch up IRL.

Turn off notifications

Even with putting the phone down it is extremely tempting to pick it up the instant we hear a beep, buzz or ding. The simple act of placing your phone on do not disturb or turning notifications off can have a positive and constructive effect on your mental health. Allowing yourself some space from the constant updates, messages, email and more can help lower stress and aid in relaxing your mind. Take the evening off from notifications and have a meaningful and relaxing self-care night at home. Take a hot shower or long bath, light some soothing incense, try some new products and uncloud and unclog your mind.

A digital cleanse may seem hard at first and we know firsthand that a full week can be a bit unreasonable but inviting these practices makes for a healthy work/life balance. Taking a breather from devices and social media is customizable and works differently for everyone. Find the balance that works best for you whether it be restricting usage times or a complete cleanse the ultimate goal is balance and the experience will most likely be rewarding.

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