MUSE: Fishbone (All African-American Ska/Rock/Afro Punk Band)

via Wikipedia:
“Fishbone is a U.S. alternative rock band formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, which plays a fusion of ska, punk rock, funk, hard rock and soul. Critics have noted of the band: “Fishbone was one of the most distinctive and eclectic alternative rock bands of the late ’80s. With their hyperactive, self-conscious diversity, goofy sense of humor, and sharp social commentary, the group gained a sizable cult following during the late ’80s, yet they were never able to earn a mainstream audience.”

Fishbone was assembled by John Norwood Fisher (bass, vocals), with his brother Phillip “Fish” Fisher (drums); Angelo Moore, who sometimes uses the stage name “Dr. Madd Vibe” (vocals, saxophones ranging from sopranino to bass, and theremin); Kendall Jones (guitar); “Dirty” Walter A. Kibby II (vocals, trumpet); and Christopher Dowd, who sometimes uses the pseudonym “Charlie Down” (keyboards, trombone, vocals).”

In 1979, Fishbone got it’s start as “disparate, all-black oddball crew”. The band members were in junior high school in South Central Los Angeles. They had a unique blend of styles and although they started out more as a ska/reggae band, they later developed more of a rock/soul sound.

This band is special to me, because growing up in the 80’s and 90’s it wasn’t cool for people of color to be different and they were a confirmation to me that I was a-okay being weird. Also, I used to have a little crush on Angelo Moore, the bands wild and unpredictable lead singer.

Some other interesting facts about Fishbone via Wikipedia:

  • In the 1988 blaxploitation-spoof I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, members of Fishbone appear on the street as hecklers of Antonio Fargas’ character Flyguy, and also as a “back-up band”.
  • Angelo Moore, John Norwood Fisher and John Steward appear in the 2006 film Idlewild as members of the band led by Rooster, the character played by Big Boi of OutKast.
  • The characters Freddie and Lena of A Different World wore the shirts (both are fans).The characters Freddie and Lena of A Different World wore the shirts (both are fans).
  • John Cusack wears a Fishbone shirt in the film Say Anything…. (In that movie’s iconic “boombox scene”, Cusack is actually blasting Fishbone from the radio. Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” was added later).

  • In the Movie Bull Durham, Tim Robbins’ character Ebby “Nuke” Laloosh is wearing a Fishbone T-Shirt with his suit while giving his first interview after getting called up to the big leagues.
  • In 2010’s Hot Tub Time Machine, Cusack pulls out and clearly advertises a black T-shirt with the band’s logo out of his character’s suitcase.

  • In the TV show Northern Exposure, the character of Ed Chigliak (Darren E. Burrows) is frequently spotted with a Fishbone shirt under his leather jacket.
  • Early episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 had scenes filmed against a set of lockers that featured a sticker logo in almost every shot.


Now you all know what I want for my birthday which is April 23rd, a vintage (not vintage style) Fishbone T-Shirt. Thank You and I love you.


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