Muse: Sinead O’Connor



Birthdate: December 8th, 1966

Hometown: Glenageary, County Dublin, Ireland

Irish singer-songwriter, Sinead O’ Connor hit the music scene in the late 80’s with her first album, The Lion and The Cobra. She gained even more popularity when she released her rendition of the Prince hit “Nothing Compares to You”.

Sinead used her powerful voice to not only serenade crowds, but used it to stand up for what she believed in whether it was controversial or not. After performing a cover of Bob Marley’s “War” on Saturday Night Live performance in 1992, Sinead shredded a picture of Pope John Paul II as an act of protest against sexual abuse.


During her career, Sinead used her fame and platform to speak on war, gender roles, feminism, and religion. In 1999, Sinead became Mother Bernadette Mary. Though the Catholic church doesn’t recognize her priesthood, it brought attention to the roles of women in the Catholic Church.


The Irish songstress has released 10 albums and won a Grammy in the early 90’s for “Best Alternative Music Performance”.

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