LISTEN: Feel the Rhythm of MARZ LÈON’s “L D” Track


MARZ LÈON uses her voice to create an intimate scene of a spacious dancehall on her track, “L D.” Upon first listen, it may be easy to get lost in the enchanting chorus: “let’s dance tonight.” The cosmic track foreshadows what we may expect from her upcoming album, 44.

“Dancing could also be a mental thing. It’s really up to your own interpretation but dancing is a very intimate thing to me. A connection on another level,” she tells FADER.

It is as if LÈON is extending a silvery hand toward her lover, while beckoning them into her rhythm and dance — like a charmed snake.

Stream the lustrous “L D” below:


She.go is a kick-ass gypsy from Tampa, FL. She's a whole five feet of spunk - making music and reading the stars!

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