Nas Addresses Police Brutality On New Robin Thicke Single “Deep”


It’s been quite some time since we’ve last heard the melodious harmonies of Robin Thicke. But R&B purists and others alike need not fret for the singer has been busy at work prepping his new solo album, a follow up to 2014’s Paula.  Ahead of the album’s roll out, Thicke has released a new single titled “Deep” in which he recruits the lyrical genius of none other than Nas.

The track opens with a politically-charged verse from the Queensbridge rapper as he takes jabs at the “toupee-wearing liar” Donald Trump and addresses the issue of police violence at large. From police who walk free after killing innocent black men to the viral murders of people of color, Nas holds no punches.

“Man, it hurts to see a ‘cop killed a black man’ alert,” Nas raps emphatically.

The track delves deeper as the “Illmatic” emcee recalls how his son is affected by the constant police violence.

“Can’t play with your water gun, son, ‘cause the police see a 7-year-old as a threat. They think it’s right to kill a 7-year-old on sight ‘cause he ain’t white.”

Take a listen below:

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