Nas Premieres New Song “Angel Dust” On ‘The Get Down’

The binge-worthy hip-hop series,  The Get Down, premiered–back and better–on Netflix with its second season. One of the highlights of its return being treated with Nas, the rap legend’s new material.

In episode three, “One by One, Into the Dark,” the story opens up with the legend’s latest track, “Angel Dust,” while showcasing girls from the clubs to young cats and OG’s dealing on the blocks of South Bronx. Despite the song’s drug paraphernalia inspired title, the single’s lyrics take on the role of not glorifying the 1970’s epidemic, but instead discusses the very dangers surrounding the “devil’s dust.” With the show displaying many things from prostitution to disco to the manifestation  of hip-hop’s four elements, Nas continues to show us what it really means to take the good with the bad and why he is still a “voice for the voiceless.”

Peep the Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson sampled track below:




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