Nas Supreme shirt sells out in Seconds

Supreme has reopened their web shop for the beginning of the fall season, just in time for back to school time.

Supreme is a skateboard clothing brand started by James Jebbia in 1994. The brand caters to the skateboarders, hip hop and punk rock cultures, and youth culture at large. The brand creates clothes and accessories, and also manufactures skateboards that are collected like art.

The web shop drops new products every Thursday at 11am until the season is over. Then the online shop stays closed for a little.

This season contains vibrant colors with standout collections being inspired by Scarface, Gonz Ramm, th camo clothing pattern, and Nas. Things sold out as usual within the hour of being released but the standout this thursay was undoubtedly the Nas collection. Check bellow for  few favorites of this weeks drop.





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