New advice for the new year: Kehlani’s advice for rising artists

It’s so easy to feel discouraged from continuing we have a passion for when we aren’t being applauded for it. The gag in that narrative though is that, no one can ever duplicate your passion for something that you love. Sometimes if we are not padded on the back for being dope, we feel like we aren’t doing something right or that our art isn’t where it needs to be. Within that sight, we lose focus of why we act on our art in the first place and seek for a certain approval by a society/audience or academy. What people fail to realize is that recognition by people we’ve deemed doesn’t ultimately determine the worth of our art. It is us as artists that ultimately defines and gives values to the art that we make.

Recently R&B songstress and Oakland native Kehlani (who’s had a very good run in music this year)discussed a range of topics with host Adelle Platon on Tidal‘s In Conversation interview series to discuss the songstress’s creative beginnings, her dedication to music, being a vegan, and why acknowledgement for her peers and other rising artists by a group of people shouldn’t deter them (and you) from going for your dream. She also discussed why art is whatever you interpret to be and that it isn’t always going to be something that everyone views equally great or notable. Sometimes your art won’t  resonate with the award industry, but that doesn’t mean your art fails or lacks in influencing the people that look up to you and what you put out. This is definitely an insightful interview for anyone who’s creative , rather you’re in a struggling or flourishing space. At the end of the day, who’s to say your art holds low or high value ? Who’s to say it’s not influencing the kids back in your old neighborhood? Who’s to say your art is tasteful and great versus awful and tasteless? Peep the interview below to check out Kehlani’s insightful interview discussion:



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