New National Geographic Documentary Explores The History of Grillz

A great man once said, “The whole top diamond and the bottom row’s gold”–that was Jermaine Dupri, by the way. Whether the infamous Nelly anthem was your reason for purchasing your first pair of grillz or if you were the kid who brought aluminum foil to school to finesse the look, you ultimately were doing it for the culture.

If you were never hip to the wave, your chance has arrived. Just recently, it was announced that National Geographic will be releasing a documentary based on the origin of grillz. The doc will feature specialists such as Paul Wall, Johnny Dang and More. Some unexpected historical facts of the evolving accessory will be revealed throughout the visual.  From the grillz emergence in NYC in the ’80s, to its birth in Ancient Egypt.  The documentary also features  our favorite ‘2000s babe Ashanti, rapper/producer C.Stone The Breadwinner and an appearance from Chief Keef . Thankfully Nat Geo gave us a lengthy enough trailer to give us a taste of what we can expect.

Peep the teaser below and tell us who inspired your first pair of fronts !


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