i’m a jaded american. i’ve been numb for years after witnessing horrors with the system in this country. of course, i LOVE this place and it’s people. no, we don’t suffer as badly as others around the world and at the end of the day we all live somewhat comfortably…BUT, we can do better. 

having said that, i am so so so very excited about BARACK (and MICHELLE).

last night my hope was restored. 

i sobbed watching his speech in a room with loved ones and strangers…we hugged and danced all night. it was historical and momentous. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. when we found out he won, you could have told me unicorns were flying through the East Village and i would have believed you!

we have a black president!!! a black family in the white house. we have a major political figure that looks like you or someone you know. he’s white and black, he represents america! and besides the color of his skin, he’s a beacon of hope and goodness…someone worthy of believing in.

PREDICTION: many a baby will be born in 9 months! last night was the equivalent of New Years. People were in the mood for celebrating and loving which sometimes leads to lovin’!

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