NEWS: Barbie’s Got Back… and 3 New Body Types

Today Mattel unveiled the biggest change in 57 years to their notable Barbie doll. Although Barbie has become a household name across the world, very few know that the original doll’s body-type was first inspired by a German call-girl doll, Lilli. Lilli was a popular gag gift for men at bachelor parties- hence her developed body and slender proportions.


Inspired by the thought of young girls no longer having to play with paper dolls, Ruth Handler introduced her very own Barbie doll (named after her daughter, Barbara) in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair.


Since then, Barbie has undergone countless changes. However, none were quite drastic enough to convince consumers that Barbie was completely keeping up with the times. Mattel took note and noticed that one of the main concerns was Barbie being an unrealistic role model and representation of young women in society. So, for two years they secretly worked on their most groundbreaking designs and named it “Project Dawn” (as in the “dawn of a new day”). And that is what was released today- 3 new body types featuring tall, petite and curvy along with various hair textures and skin colors!


This is very big and exciting news! What do you guys think?

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