NEWS: I’ve Uncovered A Vault of My Younger Days (UPDATE)


I originally posted this in 2012 and FINALLY – and only 3 years later, I will be actually posting this. You guys ready? What do you want to see or know younger Vashtie?! Let me know…I’m posting before the end of September. SO you have time, but not like 3 years time…

scan_vashtie12 1

Vashtie in high school. Doing god-knows-what.

And I’m working on a post that will bring to life just who I was as a Middle School kid and who I was as a High School kid, through my artwork, keepsakes and photos.

There is a lot to go through because I seemed to have saved everything and I can pretty much diagnose myself as an emotional hoarder.

I mean…why I saved every single letter and note I will never understand, but I managed to piece together every drama and climax of my younger life.

I know some of you have asked me from time to time to share these things, so it will be coming soon!

For now, I will leave you with this photo of me via highschool…

Highlights and Overplucked Brows (Dunkin’ Donuts on Lark Street).

No, I’m not hiding a teen pregnancy…I just always liked dressing like a dude.

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