Nic De La Paz Pays Homage to Classic New York Jewelry with Botanica’s ‘New York’ Collection

In our flashback  post, Vintage Hip-Hop Jewelry Is Making A Comeback, we discussed the staple gold jewelry pieces for hip-hop artists: chunky rings, bamboo earrings and name plates were listed, just to name a few. These things essentially have never went out of style, but now we have a modern version of some of the hip-hop jewelry we love so much.

New York’s influence of street style, especially jewelry, can’t be denied. Jeweler Nic De La Paz noticed this, appreciated it and was inspired to create an urban, contemporary gold jewelry line, Botàntica.

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Nic was born and raised in a traditional Puerto Rican home in New York City–being taught from a young age how to act like a lady and to always keep family morals in mind. After attending an institution across seas and after some of life’s trail and error lessons, Nic realized the world is absolutely influenced by her culture’s style, specifically influenced by jewelry. In addition to being inspired by early fashion icons, such as Hype Williams, June Ambrose and Nas, her experience with her culture being internationally appreciated was the catalyst for Botànica.

“[Nic] attributes her parents instilling the importance of acting like a lady mixed with her desire to embrace the culture of the neighborhood, where flaunting jewelry and luxury things is part of a lifestyle heavily influenced by rap music. – The Fader

Botánica is a brand that is driven by being raised in New York & her Caribbean roots. Her jewelry designs are significant, representing not only the urban aesthetic but her own culture. Having four collections thus far, Botànica’s collections include remixed gold chains that resemble rosary beads, choker style necklaces intertwined to resemble hand woven crowns and “New York style” classic chunky woven gold bracelets. The fourth collection being the New York collection is flat out repping where she is from.

Paying homage to classic New York City Hip-Hop culture fashion, this collection embodies what makes New York fashion special. You can expect a mixture of pendants, bracelets and rings representing the Yankees, Nike, and a diamond cut chunky NY ring. All pieces were first designed and printed via a 3D printer then, most importantly, cast molded in 14K-18K gold. Other details of the jewelry, such as the diamond cuts, were done by hand. You are sure to get some New York love out of these pieces.

To check out all the pieces for purchase, head over to the Botanica website! To keep up with Nic De La Paz, follow Nic and Botànica on Instagram!

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