Nicki Minaj Covers ‘The Power Issue’ of Marie Claire


With a brand new album and television series in the works, Nicki Minaj is here to slay and she’s bringing her JAY Z inspired work ethic with her. The Queens native recently graced the cover of Marie Claire’s “The Power Issue” along with discussing JAY Z, black women mourning and collaborating with Beyonce.

Not one to be afraid to speak her mind, Minaj opened up to contributing editor Janet Mock for Marie Claire about the acts of violence placed upon black men. In reference to police brutality in America, Nicki Minaj explains how the burden black women face gets overlooked:

“We tend to not remember the black women who are mourning these men and who are thinking, Oh, my God, what am I going to tell my child now about where his father is, and the struggle it is for black women to then move on after they lose their husband or their boyfriend.”



Aside from her insight on violence plaguing the country, she understands why women are so inspired when they see herself and the Queen Bey together:

“I see how women are inspired, and it has nothing to do with how we look. It has to do with how we are owning who we are and telling other women you should be the boss of your own career and the brains behind your life or your decisions or your art”

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