Noir Disco Duo Release the Dreamiest EP, “Love Me”

Nolan Trotter and Carter Dickson, known as Noir Disco, released tracks from their second EP, Love Me this month. The two grace their cover almost as delicately as the music they created, surrounded by subtle tones of pastels. So far, the EP consists of five dreamy songs that certainly can take you out of this world and into one of dazed re-quiescence. Each song has its own personality that works well together as a whole. The official release date is marked for March 3rd, but you can check out the melodic vibes they are casting on their Soundcloud.

The duo spoke to Pigeons and Planes on their single, “Escapade.” Telling them the single came after a bit of inspiration from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Dickson stated, “We felt King Theoden is an archetype for society’s misrepresentation of an unhappy man. Nolan speaks from Aragorn’s point of view while I retort as a disgruntled King Theoden.” Nolan Trotter says, “King Theoden is an underrated character, We felt he deserved a better story.”

Check out Love Me below.


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