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Last week the new guy at my job kept raving about the new Rae Sremmurd album that he couldn’t stop listening to. He even played it out loud on his phone in the office. Not to say that I don’t have an open mind when it comes to music but I take music recommendation with very high regards in the same manner as a book recommendation. I like Rae Sremmurd; they make great party bops. How could I deny their talents when they’ve given us hits such as “No Flex Zone”, “No Type”, “Throw Some Mo”, and “Black Beatles”? For some reason I didn’t feel like there was much hype around this album and the singles barely had any buzz. As Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi come into their own separately the thought of three albums in one doesn’t sound as overly ambitious as you would think nor does it come off as unnecessary. Both Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi have their own strengths when it comes to making music, making separate albums and then a collaborative one as Rae Sremmurd makes a lot of sense. Think of it as that time Andre 300 and Big Boi gave us The Love Below/ Speakerboxxx.

Despite SREMM being three different albums, it is not filled with features after all this is Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi’s time to shine as a duo and individuals. There are only nine features on the 27-track album, which is one third of the album. On SREMM you get to hear Travis Scott, The Weekend, Future, Juicy J, Young Thug, Zoë Kravitz, Pharell Williams, Trouble, and Riff 3x. Majority of the album is produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and to be fair what’s a Rae Sremmurd album without production by Mike WiLL Made-It. Other notable producers on this project include 30 Roc, Marz, J-Bo, Mally Mal, TM88, Metro Boomin, Young Chop, Juicy J, G Ry, Chopsquad DJ, Karl Rubin, Zaytoven, and even Swae Lee himself.

Swae Lee’s portion of the album, Swaecation was an easy and breezy listen. It’s the portion of SREMM you can listen to relax, unwind, and even clear your head. The beats used are more laid back, and moody. Swae Lee’s portion of the album covers the subject matter of women, and failed relationships. On Swaecation it’s clear to hear that Swae Lee has a knack for catchy hooks, singing in a key that most would find alarming but somehow works for him. Jxmmi’s Jxmtro is the complete of Swae Lee’s Swaecation. The beats on Jxmtro are more up-tempo and it is very hard to resist the urge to not dance while listening to the songs on this portion of the album. As a rapper Slim Jxmmi has a great delivery, and a very unique flow that emits high energy no matter what his subject matter is.

After listening to all three parts to SREMM including Swaecation and Jxmtro it makes me think of that time when Ebro from Hot 97 questioned Rae Sremmurd legitimacy and credibility as musicians. Obviously Ebro was wrong since this is album number three for Rae Sremmurd, not to mention both Swae Lee and Jxmtro are fine as individual artists on their own. There are parts of SREMM I envision hearing in a strip club, parts I wouldn’t mind listening to in my downtime just because, and parts I would listen to when trying to get excited or pumped up about something. Out of the 27 songs my most favorite to listen to are “Bedtime Stories (featuring The Weeknd)”, “Perplexing Pegasus”, “42”, “Powerglide (featuring Juicy J)”, “Heartbreak in Encino Hills”, “Offshore (featuring Young Thug)”, “Guatemala”, “Red Wine”, “Brxnks Trucks”, “Anti- Social Smokers Club (featuring Zoë Kravitz)”, “Chanel (featuring Pharrell Williams)”, “Cap (featuring Trouble)” and “Juggling Biddies (featuring Riff 3x)”. The first time I heard “Bedtime Stories” I immediately thought it would make a great The Weeknd song without realizing he was featured on the song. “Guatemala” is reminiscent to French Montana’s hit “Unforgettable” featuring Swae Lee from last summer. The most surprising song on the album would be “Anti-Social Smokers Club (featuring Zoë Kravitiz)”; Jxmtro and Zoë Kravitz complement each other very well. I actually want to hear Zoe Kravitiz rapping more because of that song. I am curious to see which songs off this three in one album will become the next hit for Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi. Which parts of the album do you like best? What are you favorite songs of the entire project?


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