October’s Adult Swim Singles include Bosco, Abra, Moor Mother and more

This year, Adult Swim has released their annual singles playlist song by song. They took the different route to release a new song every week. As Adult Swim continues to release new hits every week, we will continue to share the songs for each month.

In October, Adult Swim has released songs with Abra, Spark Master Tape, Moor Mother and Fools Gold Signee Bosco. Each song comes from a different genre creating a wide variety of new unreleased music that is exclusive to Adult Swim.

Abra release the track Novacane with Adult Swim. “Novacane” is an 80’s inspired R&B song that focuses more so on the production than the actual vocals. The vocal samples are smooth but just enough to make the song pop.

Bosco, a singer from Georgia, released a song titled “Mortal Kombat” for the singles program. The inspiration for the song came from the video game. Bosco grew up playing video games and fell in love with the graphics which is how the song came about. The baseline is accompanied by her soft vocals as the song continues.

Another hit from this month, happens to be the song titled “Mad Woman” by Sevdaliza. “Mad Woman” categorized as Dance/electronic music is a song about a woman who has gone crazy because of a heart break. The electric beat accompanied by the soft, soothing vocals of Sedvaliza make for an interesting song.

Adult Swim continues to release hits for their annual Singles playlist. The songs are available for free on the adult swim website. Take a listen to the previous songs released below.

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