The Official Breakdown of Donald Glover’s Wins Since the Premiere of ‘Atlanta’

When we think of someone who’s on fire in the entertainment industry right now, we must think about the esteemed, Donald Glover. Since the debut of his show ‘Atlanta’, there has been an overflow of success going into Glover’s direction. From winning various awards to upcoming role announcements, Glover is definitely a jack of all trades and a master of every last one.

Back in October, it was announced that Glover would be playing the role of Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo-centered Star Wars movie. Glover expresses on The Ellen Show how he has been already projecting this opportunity from young when his first toy was actually a Lando action figure. Though the movie has not yet been given a title, it is set to release in 2018.

Also known as Childish Gambino, he released his album, “Awaken My Love!” in the beginning of December which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B Albums chart. This album was very different from what we were use to hearing from Gambino. Before, many seen him as a rapper but this album itself, showed an exploration into 70s funk and soul. Literally a true work of art.

Without a doubt, it’s sure that we would all want to relive that night of the Golden Globes. We witnessed Glover’s show ‘Atlanta’, which he co-wrote and worked as an executive producer for, win big with not just one, but two awards just off of the one season that released a few months prior. The well-deserved series won a Golden Globe for Best TV Series Musical or Comedy and Glover won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in TV Comedy.

More recently, it has been announced that Glover would also be voicing Simba in the new, upcoming Disney live action film, The Lion King. It still isn’t clear if he would be playing younger or older Simba. Giving great anticipation to The Lion King fans, Jon Favreau, the director for this upcoming film tweeted a picture of Glover captioning it ‘I just can’t wait to be king’. More exciting, he would be alongside James Earl Jones as Mufasa who happened to also voiced the same character in the original animation in 1994.

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