Orlando Artist @Deadmonbernz’s style remains notable among the masses

Scrolling through Leonardo Florimon’s (aka Deadmonbernz) Instagram, you may find a few things: a wide range of beautiful women, colleges of your favorite models and artists, and a kid wearing a face mask. He is an artist, a damn good one in fact. Most famous for his photoshop skills and collages, the 25-year-old based in Orlando easily gained traction from what a lot of us do most: Instagram.” [Social media]  helped reach a larger audience. I was able to work some of the artists who influence me and inspire me,” says Bernz about his art.

He started dabbling in art in 2007, but began to take himself a bit more seriously in 2013, molding his style into sellable pieces. “I discovered the style from looking at old family albums and my cousin’s binders. The way we would cut out photos and place them together really moved me and I would just jab at it everyday and then I created my own filters to make it all blend and connect,” says Bernz. From there, people, fashion and pop culture became his inspiration. His most popular pieces include Vashtie and Drake that have been reposted respectively on their social media accounts.  “I feel everyone has a story to tell or a journey they are on its like a constant loop of energy and I just try to manifest through my work,” says Bernz. Along with Drake and Vashtie, Bernz also has art made of your favorite models, A$AP MOB, French Montana, YesJulz and many more. “I made the album cover and single cover for No Stylist.”

But you’re not truly popping until someone jacks your style. While he didn’t invent collages, the popularity of the style has grown over the past few months. With added filters, fading, and a special touch, Bernz’s artwork stands apart from the rest, making his artwork notable among the masses. “There’s kids who create for just the fact to make art and share for the world and I do see some of em just to do it to be poppin’ no creative process. I feel like I’m just in the realm of creating and loving what I do as a artist.  Its cool to monetize off your artwork, but don’t let it mask the reason why to create,” says Bernz.

In all, we can expect a lot more from Bernz on and off the digital world. He plans on producing work which will be seen on a bigger scale, pushing kids to go out and live their dreams. By being a symbol of letting his work speak for itself, he plans to pave a path for individuality. Bernz also plans on contributing to the rap scene pretty soon along to his clothing line, leaving the digital art world. To the all of the inspiring artists, be yourself keep wanting more and keep flooding the world with art. You never know who’s watching or who can see what you do. The world is your playground. Have fun.”


Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective

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