Paper Trail Magazine Is The Underground Plug We’ve Been Waiting For


With so many magazines, online publications, blogs, and other media outlets out there, it’s easy to lose site of some of the incredibly innovative projects being churned out by young creatives. This week, we were graced with the opportunity to sit down with the talented curator, creative director, and founder of Paper Trail, Billiejane, to get exclusive insight on the blossoming publication.

Beyond shedding light on the underground culture in New York, Paper Trail is a monthly magazine which promotes both established and burgeoning work from creatives and entrepreneurs. From models and photographers, to designers, and musicians, Paper Trail supports it all.

What sets Billie’s vision–and the purpose of the ‘zine–apart from the saturated market, is the emphasis placed on low profile artists and influencers who may have never gained recognition otherwise. An introvert herself, Billie has a deep understanding of what it’s like to be exceptionally talented and overlooked.

“We promote and work with individuals who are underground, we support real culture and real people. Building a platform for people who are able to express their talents and build a chain of networking. Giving them [the] acknowledgement they deserve… This magazine contains mainly content and visuals, less words. We describe this as a giant lookbook.”

 In addition to accepting submissions, Paper Trail seeks out exclusive local art–from painters to filmmakers and musicians.

Check out some of their discoveries here:


The inspiration behind the project? The organic and raw beauty of the dynamic subculture in the city and a fervent desire to shed light on the everyday superstars we pass on the street everyday.

“I always had a infatuation with the underground culture growing up. Currently that’s what I surround myself with, and I get inspired by observing certain individuals as if I was studying a test… I believe in culture, and I believe in real people and real things. This project was projected for almost 2 almost 3 years. I spontaneously decided to release it this year.”

We are so excited to see what’s up next for Paper Trail and look forward to all of the incredible projects on the horizon!

Still can’t get enough? I know, we can’t either! Check out their most recent features online, stalk their socials, and cop their first ever print mag now!


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