“Paris Is for Lovers” Captures the Life and Work of Photographer Viktor Vauthier

Berlin-based filmmaking studio MODEST DEPARTMENT’s latest project, Paris Is for Lovers, is a personal fashion documentary centered around the French photographer and artist Viktor Vauthier, who has worked with some major brand names throughout his career, including the likes of adidas, Nike and Apple.

Directed by Philipp Groth, the 16-minute film looks into Vauthier’s aesthetic vision and follows him on his everyday life, who was inspired by his amateur photographer father. The aesthetic is very reminiscent of a French New Wave film, fitting the subject’s Parisian origins. From finding his dad’s old photos to becoming the house photographer of Alex Olson’s Bianca Chandon, this documentary delves into the mind of a gifted individual who uses his expertise to create wonderful art. Paris Is For Lovers chronicles Vauthier’s humble beginnings, to his experiences of working with his then-girlfriend Ella Jazz, to his work with major labels. Starting with grainy and candid photos that captured the eyes of Virgil Abloh to featuring his love for Ella Jazz and many more, everything on screen keeps the viewers invested. There are voiceovers of the photographer’s colleagues sprinkled throughout the film, describing why he is so great at his job. They give some insightful perspective for the piece, and inform the audience about what makes Vauthier so special and unique.

With a stellar soundtrack (most of the tracks are made by Grammy-nominated neo soul artist Mayer Hawthorne) and excellent editing, Paris Is for Lovers gives viewers a firsthand account of what it means to be an artist today.

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