Parley Launches Sunglasses Made from Plastic Waste

After announcing a collaboration with Adidas, Parley for the Oceans continues to advocate for sustainable manufacturing practices. Now, the environmental organization introduces a line of luxury sunglasses made from recycled ocean plastic. Crafted in Italy, the spectacles are made from plastic waste like polypropylene, along with upcycled debris collected from beaches. They will be available in three different colorways (White Flag, Coral Sand, and Reef Camo) and are limited to just 100 units for each edition. Every pair also comes with geographical coordinates that depict an area affected by marine pollution as a reminder of the ongoing initiative.

For every 100 pairs of sunglasses sold, Parley and Corona say they will add a new island to the existing 100 islands that they have already committed to protecting.

The ocean plastic sunglasses are made using a new upcycling process that is able to include plastic types that have historically been more difficult to recycle.

“In addition to the most valuable recyclables, including PET, Nylon 6 and HDPE, Clean Waves is also putting a strong focus on transforming polypropylene (PP) into new forms of Ocean Plastic for use in high-end consumer products, starting with fashion accessories,” said Parley for the Oceans in a statement.

“The sunglasses are the first produced with a new technology, which transforms low-quality types of plastic waste into high-performance materials, providing a unique look,” it continued.

The sunglasses are available to buy exclusively on designer fashion website Net-A-Porter and 100 percent of the proceeds go towards supporting the cause! Although these glasses are very exclusive, wearing a pair is a great way to preserve the earth in style. Will you be copping a pair? Let us know below!


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