party pics: 3/20 OPEN PARTY with Q TIP, ME and RICH MEDINA – special guest DJ MURO (JP), DIDDY, MYA, FAB 5 FREDDY, ESTELLE and MAS (spanish for “more”)!

yay! Q TIP was finally back from his tour and the weather was a bit warmer. DJ MURO was scheduled to be on the decks and he is a super legend!


*the boys are so rotten. they all tried to sabotage this full body shot, which is already hard enough to take without erupting into a sea of giggles.


*RICH MEDINA had kicks for his little baby!

*knuckle heads, YOUNG SCOOZLE and FELIPE.

*ELLE-INGTON modeling the proto-type keychain. IN STORES SOON!

*Q TIP, DIDDY and FAB 5 FREDDY (who is my friend TABATHA and TIM’s godfather )

*DIDDY announced he would be heading to the dancefloor to cut some rug and he sure enough did.

*ESTELLE!!! i met her in 2003, when i was assistant-styling for this music video for KAYA (an english artist) feat. THE CLIPSE. she happened to be in the hotel that day and we just gabbed about nothing. a year later we re-meet in LONDON where she was a mega-star. fast forward to today, she’s still as humble and sweet as the first time i met her!

*the mack daddy and the daddy mack.


*DJ MURO only uses vinyl!


*TRACY NGUYEN and MISS INFO having fun!

*if you ever want to know if DIDDY has been somewhere, you can’t check for fingerprints. all you have to do is look for a bottle of CIROC and then you’ll know!

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