party pics: Dante Fried Chicken x SANTOS

if you don’t know, DANTE of DFC is an amazing chef that fries up FRIED NUGGETZ for dat ass! not only is he just adorable, he makes killer food and last week sunday he invited all his talented friends to DJ and perform while his food was passed out. he also does a cooking show with friends and the most recent episode was shot with our new bud THEOPHILUS LONDON (and not too long SANTOGOLD, but soon to be 1992).

for all my euro friends, you can check him on tour with THEOPHILUS soon! your mouth needs to experience this 🙂


*ice sculpture…

*adorable baby named BEATRICE…it must have been an all ages show.

*SABELS granny on the cover of the paper for protesting!!! go GRANNY SABEL!


*MEL D. COLE photographer extraordinaire…

past episode with SANTI WHITE

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